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Aurora Property Management

We Can Help Manage Your Aurora Rental Property

Aurora Property Management

The best investment acquisition can turn into a flop without competent management. We help our clients develop and implement a plan to maximize the return from their real estate investments. In the current market, the potential exists for high vacancies and subsequent loss of property value. While we can’t change market conditions, we can help you understand and deal with the risks.

We provide management with a personal touch.

Are you tired of late rent payments? Bounced rent checks? Midnight move outs? 2 am phone calls from tenants with leaky faucets?

If so it’s time to contact an Aurora property manager. As a professional property manager we provide you with peace of mind and worry free rentals. From single family homes to apartment buildings we handle all property issues; including; monthly and year-end accounting, turn around of problem properties with difficult tenants, and taking care of deferred maintenance.

When a house is for rent by owner tenants usually expect lower prices and less scrutiny of their financial and rental history. Our management and marketing experience enables us to find qualified tenants faster while negotiating lease terms that will increase your revenue and reduce your loss of income from vacancies. Our primary goal is to protect your investment while maximizing your return.

What we do as your Aurora property manager:

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Recruiting Prospective Tenants


Since vacancies are expensive for both of us any vacancies are aggressively marketed at the first mention of an upcoming move out. As members of the local board of Realtors, MLS and NARPM (National Assoc. of Residential Property Managers) we have access to thousands of individuals currently looking to fill their housing need.

We also utilize internet advertising as well as signage. Our signs list several contact sources for your property including direct links to your property on our website. In fact signage produces approximately 30% of our tenant calls which can save you hundreds of dollars in costly newspaper advertising.BACK TO TOP

Screening Prospective Tenants


Turning vacant properties into monthly income checks is our top priority but we would rather the property stay vacant an extra week or two than fill it with a problem tenant. We pride ourselves on our ability to screen prospective tenants to find just the right one for your property.

All tenant candidates are prescreened by our credit department. Using a national credit report provider we will access and review the client's credit, eviction history and criminal background. We will then personally call the current employers and landlords to ensure we are receiving accurate information. We also require the applicant to provide us with their most recent paystub.

Once we have found a suitable tenant one of our experienced brokers will meet with the tenant to go over the lease in detail. This gives us a chance to highlight the areas of the lease that deal with the tenant’s contractual obligation and clarify any misconceptions the tenant may have regarding what will be expected from them. This initial meeting lays the groundwork for future dealings with the tenant and sets a precedent for the entire relationship. We have found it invaluable in reducing future tenant problems over the term of the lease. BACK TO TOP

Property Inspections


We will inspect the property periodically during any tenant occupancy to be sure the property is being properly maintained. We use the tenant move in checklist to compare property condition and make sure the tenant is completing preventative maintenance. A tenant who is doing a poor job of performing property upkeep will be notified in writing and given ten days to fix any problem. If a tenant fails to comply with our request we will begin maintenance using our own vendors at the tenant’s expense. BACK TO TOP

Property Valuations


Following our initial visit to the property we will prepare an opinion of value and a survey of rents for similar properties in your area. We can use this information to help you establish a realistic monthly rent for your particular property thus maximizing its’ income potential. If your property is subject to a current lease agreement or after each vacancy we will revisit rental activity in your area to insure our rents stay competitive. Since all of our property managers are licensed Realtors ® we have extensive knowledge of rental and resale markets. BACK TO TOP

Accounting Services

This is one of the most important aspects of our relationship with you, the owner. Although you may not want to undertake the day-to-day drudgery of managing your investment property we know you still want to be kept apprised of all financial aspects that affect your investment. We view your rental as a part of your investment strategy, designed to produce an income stream and as such we take our accounting responsibility to you very seriously.

Our computerized accounting software is specifically geared towards Aurora property management. We record and explain all transactions that affect your account enabling you to see exactly what transactions have occurred on your property.

Regardless of activity statement showing all activity for your property will be forwarded to you on monthly basis along with any funds received from rent after expenses. All original receipts will be kept on file in our office for safekeeping. A year end statement will be sent to you and/or your accountant to help ease the burden of tax preparation.

We use monthly statements to monitor your property’s performance to help increase profits. A YTD tally is kept for all monies received as well as expenses. If a property suddenly sees a loss or increase of return we can quickly evaluate transactions over the last few months to determine how to correct or maintain performance. It’s this system of reporting that helps us keep you in the money and in the know. BACK TO TOP


Our management fee is collected on a monthly basis once rent payments from your property have been received. Fees are deducted directly from your account so you don’t have to write us a check. If a property is vacant we do not collect a monthly fee. BACK TO TOP


If you would like we will make all mortgage or property related payments for you at no additional charge. Simply supply us with the necessary information and payments will be deducted from your account on an as needed basis.

When a property is vacant all utilities are transferred into our name and we pay monthly bills for you to protect your property from damage due to improper heating, cooling, sewage etc. Any accounts with a shortage of funds during vacancies or from properties with a monthly loss may be required to keep an additional deposit on hand. BACK TO TOP


All rent monies are due on the 1st of the month and usually, depending on the lease, late on the 5th. Any tenants with delinquent accounts are sent a delinquency notice that day and charged a late fee. Removal proceedings are started if the tenant does not immediately make arrangement for the payment of all monies due.

Any NSF checks are dealt with promptly and severely. A tenant who submits more than two NSF payments will be required to pay all future rents in certified funds. Any tenant who refuses to make good on an NSF payment will be subject to prosecution under the fullest extent of the law. We take our management responsibility seriously and feel our tenants should have the same attitude toward their obligations. BACK TO TOP


We collect a security deposit for every property we manage to help safeguard against loss. All deposits are held in a trust account per Colorado real estate laws and are unavailable for use until they are either refunded to the tenant upon move out or used to recoup any losses of rent or property damage. We usually collect a minimum of one month rent in deposit although these amounts may vary due to credit worthiness or rental history.

If an owner decides to allow pets on the property we recommend an additional deposit. Each situation is unique and deposit amounts will be decided on a case by case basis. BACK TO TOP

Repair and Maintenance


Competent and regular maintenance is essential in protecting your investment. Although you have the right to schedule and control all repair and maintenance responsibilities we feel it is imperative your property is maintained at current neighborhood standards to preserve its value.

All repairs or maintenance items will be preformed by outside vendors. Due to time constraints and liability issues our employees will not perform any work on your property. We have developed an extensive list of service providers from electricians to painters who provide excellent service in a timely manner. Due to the volume of business we refer to our contractors we are often able to obtain discounts or “preferred” pricing for most repair or maintenance items. We pass any savings directly to you.

All work is inspected by one of our managers to guarantee quality and completion. To protect you all work orders and cost estimates are made in writing and kept in file in our office. If your property needs a large repair we will obtain several written estimates for your review and obtain your approval prior to scheduling any work. BACK TO TOP

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The City of Aurora is a Home Rule Municipality in the U.S. state of Colorado, spanning Arapahoe and Adams counties, with the extreme southeastern portion of the city extending into Douglas County. Aurora is one of the principal cities of the Denver-Aurora-Broomfield, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area (Metro Denver). The city's population was 325,078 in the 2010 Census, which makes it the third most populous city in the state of Colorado and the 56th most populous city in the United States.

Denver and Aurora are the principal cities of the Denver Metropolitan Area, which in 2007 had an estimated population of 2,464,866 (the 22nd most populous MSA in the U.S.).[6] However, Denver and Aurora combined make up less than half of the Metro Denver Area's population and Aurora has approximately half the population of Denver. The estimated population of Metropolitan Denver was 2,998,878 in 2007 (15th most populous CSA). Wikipedia

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